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We are a creative design studio. Drawing on our skills and experience, we work with our clients to deliver effective and inspiring projects. We are driven by creative thinking, great value and excellent service.

Based in The BIS, In Studio have been bringing creative ideas to life for over 18 years. Since their doors opened close to the centre of Hartlepool in 2002 they’ve worked with some great customers and have had some fantastic experiences that have seen them grow and grow with a customer base of over 500 businesses around the country today. They have been around the block and that experience shows in their attention to detail.

In Studio’s services can be summed up in three categories, Web, Design and Media. They work with marketing departments, managing directors and individuals to offer all the creative services they need. No job is too big and no job is too small.

One of In Studio’s more recent projects is the Hartlepool Borough Council’s regeneration websites. Three websites, each created to target a different audience. The design has a refreshing and cohesive feel across all three sites while allowing each a stand alone identity through the clever use of colour and type. The tonal colours on the Invest site suggest a more corporate feel while the vibrant colour schemes of the Culture and Explore sites offer a fun and energetic vibe.

Another recent project they are proud of is the Life of a Sunflower logo design. Life of a Sunflower set up local support groups to raise awareness of the struggles experienced by people with disabilities and mental illness. After seeing another In Studio project in the local area they approached them to create a new logo, with simple variations they could use long term to help establish themselves as a name in their community. Though only a small project, it was given the same In Studio treatment as every project they get their hands on.

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