Getting Our Kids Active

“In this feature we are highlighting the brilliant work of one of our excellent schools – Clavering Primary School. The whole of the Clavering Family, children, parents, teachers, support staff and governors were involved in the development of the Physical Education Strategy. This seems to fit with that old saying ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’.”

The Clavering School Family are leading the way in keeping our kids fit and healthy. They are working to provide opportunities for pupils to be physically active during the school day.

We all know keeping our kids fit and healthy in both body and mind is a vital job across the town.

The school have spread their work nationally and international in conjunction with the Department of Education, but let us take a moment to saviour the fact that it is home grown here in Hartlepool.

The school is playing an important role in the new Department of Education’s online platform featuring our Clavering children providing video content which is being shared across the country and internationally.

Deputy Headteacher, Neil McAvoy, explained how, “We were honoured to be part of a team of schools and organisations asked by the government to share some of our practice for being a healthy and active school. Keeping active and maintaining good physical and mental health is a core part of the Clavering experience and – with the support of our fantastic staff, pupils and families – it has been great to still see children benefiting from lots of different forms of physical activity in school, both for their physical health and for their wellbeing.”

Seems like we can all learn a thing or two from our children.