Lily & Faith

“Like a lot of people we have always loved burning a scented candle in our home and the idea for the business was born out of that love and the disappointment we were getting from shop bought products.”

Lily & Faith is a home fragrance company producing hand poured soy wax melts, candles and reed diffusers. Ran by husband and wife team, James and Christina, we design, hand-pour and package all products from our home in Hartlepool. The company is named after our daughter, Lily Faith, who tells everyone about her candles.

James has an entrepreneurial mind so he initially came up with the idea of making our own candles and got to work creating our first range which included five fragrances. We have now grown over the past eighteen months to have fourteen fragrances in our soy wax melts, candles and reed diffusers, as well as stocking accessories and gift sets. 

We use soy wax and a vegetable derived diffuser base so our products are sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan friendly and non-toxic, making them kinder for your home.

We do everything ourselves and have found working together really fun. We both have different skills and strengths that we bring to the business and surprisingly there have only been one or two occasions where we’ve lost our temper with each other. Both when we’ve been under deadline pressures! We have been blown away by the support the people of the town have given our business. Very early on we started selling our products at Anna Campbell Hairdressing, following a conversation we had while Christina was getting her hair done. That was the start of people in the town becoming aware of us and our products and it has really helped us grow. We also took part in a Christmas Shopping night at Café Rappor Bar at the marina last year which was very successful and we have lots of repeat customers because of this.

We love that local people want to support local businesses and come back time and again for our products. It’s what keeps us going and striving to deliver quality products and excellent customer service.