We are a two-women whirlwind, ambassadors of the arts and crusaders of creativity. Our mission is to highlight the importance of the arts, creativity and making within our community. We want to inspire the next generation of artists, encouraging creative thinking in education and support the use of arts to increase wellbeing for all.

BloomInArt are an award winning creative business who are experts in increasing community engagement through creative arts projects. They co-produce projects to celebrate place, identity and heritage and create paid opportunities for freelance artists and a platform for local talent.

We bring the arts to the people, providing opportunity for creative expression, social exchange, personal growth and confidence.

BloomInArt was set up in 2014 by Rachel Laycock, an established artist working primarily in glass, and Emma Wheetman, who has a background in education, events, community engagement and works primarily with textiles. Both live and work in Hartlepool and work hard to create opportunities for local people in this area.

One of BloomInArt’s most recent projects is Rivers of the World. Teaming up schools and artists from around the world to bring children together, creating art about the rivers they love. BloomInArt linked with Stockton International Riverside Festival and represented the Tees Valley. They connected with four schools remotely to create and develop work linked to their local river. The work was exhibited on the Southbank London and will be coming to Wintertide Festival in November to be seen for the first time on its home turf.

Another recent project is the Silver Lining Project. Silver Lining set out to connect the Dyke House community creatively during lockdown thanks to a commission from the Wharton Trust. The project focuses on the positivities in our daily lives and simple creative tasks were set for people to respond to. The project adapted and grew over the past six months 1000 creative packs have now been distributed across Hartlepool thanks to further funding. All work received will be included in a larger piece of artwork that responds to the journey we have all made together during these very strange and testing times. You still have time to be part of this project.

Header Banner Image Credit to Howie White Photography.

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