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Love Hartlepool is pausing.

Love Hartlepool was born out of the continuous feedback from many residents that they loved Hartlepool. The Love Hartlepool campaign was born to promote positive messages about our town. The need for the work was brought sharply into focus with the Skint Britain documentary series which created a somewhat biased view of our wonderful town. In 2019 much of the storytelling about the town was negative. The campaign has run since 2019 and we now believe the situation in the town is different (not perfect!).

Now, we believe there are more positive stories about our town. Although things are tough, and have been over the last few years, there is real cause for optimism. The Town Masterplan sets out a wonderful (and realistic) vision for our town and the Town Investment Plan helpfully shows what we need to focus on to deliver it.

We have so much positive work going on all over the town and our local Hartlepool Life team do an amazing job at promoting positivity and reaching so many residents across the town with the free paper.

As such the Love Hartlepool leaders have decided to put the campaign into a period of hibernation. The formal work will cease on the 31st December 2022.

This does not mean the end of Love Hartlepool projects. All the brand assets, logos etc which have been developed by In Studio have been formally gifted to groups, businesses and projects across the town. We ask that before using any of the brand assets, you carefully read the guidelines and ensure that all use of the assets adheres to these guidelines. If you have any questions, please use the contact details below. The guidelines and assets can be downloaded here. 

During 2023 the former Co-Chairs of Love Hartlepool are happy to provide coaching to groups, businesses and individuals who want to run their projects using the LH brand. They can be contacted via the emails below:

Maxine Craig: maxinecraigcontact@gmail.com

Janice Auton: janiceauton@hotmail.com


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Thank you everyone who continues to support love Hartlepool

Thank you everyone who
continues to support love Hartlepool

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