The Great Big Green Week

As part of the Green Hartlepool initiative, Love Hartlepool are joining forces with Middleton Grange Shopping Centre to celebrate The Great Big Green Week and we’d love for you to join us. In partnership with Middleton Grange Shopping Centre, Love Hartlepool will be hosting a Green Hartlepool event to mark the occasion.

If you are in anyway involved in making Hartlepool a more environmentally friendly town, then we would love you to showcase at the event. We are welcoming businesses, groups and individuals to get involved. Contact Love Hartlepool for enquires and more information.

The showcase will be open for the general public to enjoy starting at 11am on Saturday 24th September!

Climate change and sustainability are increasingly at the forefront of people’s thinking and The Great Big Green Week website answers the question ‘Why now?’

We are seeing the impacts of extreme weather events caused by climate change on the people and places we love both here in the UK and abroad. The time is now to do everything we can to protect them. Climate change is the fight of our lifetime.

The Great Big Green Week

In the run up to The Great Big Green Week, we’ve pulled together some tips to help make even the smallest of businesses that little bit greener and kinder to the planet. 

1. Go paperless

Replace your paper forms, quotes and invoices with electronic alternatives. Most customers are happy to go digital so take the leap and save yourself some money while you save the planet. If you need to print, consider printing double sided to halve the paper you use.

2. Save energy

This one sounds like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at the little things we do without thinking that waste energy.

3. Choose green

Practice what you preach by choosing eco-conscious businesses when shopping. Whether that’s a green energy supplier or buying your supplies from local businesses who are doing their bit for the planet. Supporting local businesses will also save on emissions and unnecessary transport. 

4. Scrap plastic

Single use plastics are the bane of the environment. Bags, cutlery, food packaging…all of these can be replaced by biodegradable or recyclable versions. Better yet, branded bags for life, reusable cutlery and drinks bottles are a great source of revenue and a way to promote your business and your green efforts too!

5. Save water

Another one that seems obvious but there are small ways you can make a change.

6. Reduce, reuse, recycle

The mantra to help the environment. Reduce energy, single-use plastics, paper. Reuse where you can, from plates to boxes, these little things add up. Recycle print cartridges, paper, packaging, cans and bottles, electrical equipment, batteries, and so much more. 

7. Ditch the car

So this is more of a personal change than a business change but leaving the car at home can make a huge difference to our impact on the environment. Think about walking, cycling or taking advantage of public transport. Or if you can be without your car, try a carpool with colleagues who live nearby. 

8. Spread the word

Get all your staff, friends and family onboard to ensure you are all on the same green page! You should let your customers know they are buying from a company that is committed to making a difference. 

Want to know more about the green work going on in our town? 

Take a look at our Green Hartlepool page or contact Love Hartlepool to find out more. 

Support the Hartlepool businesses making our town a greener place