Our Lead Content Writer

We are delighted to welcome Georgie Hume to our Love Hartlepool work, as a volunteer she will be taking the role of Lead Content Writer for our website, locating and finding local articles which showcase our town.

We are delighted that Georgie is joining the Love Hartlepool team as a volunteer. She will focus on gathering positive stories for the website. This is important work for our town, ensuring that all of our excellent businesses, charities and people within the town are represented in an inspiriting light. She brings an additional and different, generational view to our work, we are delighted to welcome her. 

Georgie grew up in Hartlepool, attending Sacred Heart Primary and later English Martyrs School and Sixth-Form College, where she studied English and Art. After gaining a degree in English Literature from King’s College London, she briefly worked in PR and then Bookselling before deciding to move back home at the beginning of the pandemic. Georgie’s love for writing was something she had put on hold while searching for other work, however while on furlough she started writing for her blog, which led her to apply to study Journalism at Newcastle University. Georgie now writes our content for Love Hartlepool in between her Masters and her work as a reporter for a local news site.  

Georgie joined the team at Love Hartlepool as she saw an excellent opportunity to highlight the town’s potential and wanted to help deliver the stories from those who work to make Hartlepool a better and brighter place. “I think it’s important to take pride in where we come from, it’s not always easy as there are highs and lows to anywhere, however Hartlepool’s highs are so often overlooked, when – really – they ought not to be. During the pandemic, it was significant how many of us took solace in our local surroundings. There was definitely a shared appreciation for the town I hadn’t seen before, not to mention the show of support for our many local businesses and creatives!”